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AFC qualifying programme undoubtedly was also a big hit for the fut coins ps3 team, had just experienced the Asian Cup fiasco guozu currently even the coach is yet to be determined.

According to the original plan, Chinese Super League this season will end on November 11, but with the new World Cup qualifying programme draws a charge, needs to play qualifying rounds of the Chinese team that will be conducted in October two home and away playoff games, so this season’s Super League fixtures may have to be adjusted. It can be predicted that Chinese soccer is destined to start a World Cup journey in haste and confusion. First phase of qualifying (October 2007-November)

Second phase qualifying match (since February 2008) 15 through the qualifying teams, plus 5 World Cup teams, a total of 20 teams divided into 5 sections and decide the participation of top ten top ten.

Third top ten (2009 TBC) divided into two sets of home and away round robin. Score the top two in each group will directly qualify South Africa qualify for the World Cup finals, two sets of home and away play-off the third place, the winning team CPBL confrontation with the Oceania champion, winners of the final will also participate in the South Africa World Cup.

Embarrassed Chinese football increasingly marginalized

This major change for Chinese soccer is undoubtedly a great blow, due to the national team in the Asian Cup fiasco back from coach Zhu Guanghu after class is a foregone conclusion, and the choice of new work has not yet officially launched, will kick off the World Cup qualifying match two months later, who led the Chinese team is still unknown.

This new competition for AFC, as a member of the AFC competitions Committee of CFA Vice President Yang Yimin was previously unaware. When meeting other members a detailed explanation of this new competition principles, Yang Yimin were able to do only agreed to.

If said Yang Yimin was dark is China football in Asia AFC buy fifa coins xbox
internal status a reflected words, so Qian China FA Deputy President, and Asia AFC of third, figures Zhang Jilong prior for qualifier procedures of stance is let people deep feel to changed, “I understanding of not many, I now regardless of race Affairs has, also no in China FA served, race of things they also no obligations to I reported. ”

From 2001, a strong sense of loss of control, and the ability to then say, until now and even deprived of the right to know China football in six years in the position and status of the AFC has grown spectacularly “grade jump.” Without knowing, not to participate, actively, the Chinese Football Association has left AFC’s inner circle and farther.

Coach Chu get accreditation?

According to the Asian Football Confederation this arrangement, guozu new round of training will be conducted in October at the latest, but who will serve as head coach to be the biggest problem. Zhu Guanghu after school there is no doubt, and Olympic team head coach duyikeweiqi took over as guozu is also a good choice, but because of conflicts with the 08 Olympic Games time, and events of the Olympics is more important, duyikeweiqi apparently it is difficult to make time to the national team.

Has not much time left for the Chinese Football Association, now is the time for the efficiency test of the Chinese Football Association. In an interview with reporters on this issue when the national team are people, there are varying degrees of expression enable Zhu Guanghu has an amazing view–continue to play World Cup qualifying match.

People holding this view represents: “the lessons of the Asian Cup, Zhu Guanghu has clearly understood the weakness of the current national team. Now these players believe he also has a clear understanding of that he will recognize their past mistakes. Currently outstanding, and appropriate foreign coaches is hard to find, rush to take over is not necessarily good for guozu. ”

www.easy4fifa.com venue construction

Because of South Africa’s World Cup Organizing Committee in terms buy fifa 14 coins Xbox of competition venues, as well as funds to emerging problems, FIFA President Sepp Blatter yesterday afternoon GMT when interviewed said that he had informed the three countries at a critical moment to take over hosting the 2010 World Cup in Africa, once South Africa problems the three countries will become a fireman, hosting the 2010 World Cup. For this argument, Jones gives the best list of candidates, which has successfully hosted the Olympic Games in China this year. In this regard, the Chinese Football Association did not comment. South Africa received a host of 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification, the venue construction, transportation planning, public security in the country has made great efforts in such areas. But a pity that, these efforts have not changed to the desired result. Currently exists in 2010 FIFA World Cup is the biggest problem of stadium construction delays, security issues, traffic jams and high crime rates. As 2010 approaches, South Africa in a number of aspects exposed more and more obvious, and these factors of instability also caused FIFA South Africa could host the World Cup showed doubts and worries. Beijing time yesterday afternoon, FIFA President Sepp Blatter told Austria said in a television interview that “currently do have a force in an attempt to disrupt the World Cup in South Africa. However, as FIFA President, if I do not have a ‘B scheme ‘ organised by the delay that may occur, it is really too careless. If necessary, we will enable the ‘B program ‘. This will be determined depending on the Confederations Cup held in 2009 in South Africa Confederations Cup will be a military parade, held the stage. “At the same time, Blatter also revealed that South Africa will not be able to host the 2010 World Cup, countries may, within the shortest possible time to take over. “I can tell you right now there are three possibilities, perhaps not a possibility, there are buy fifa 14 coins PS3 three countries in one year’s time the timely replacement of South Africa hosting the 2010 World Cup. They have the ability to replace South Africa host the World Cup, and they have expressed a keen interest in. “Blatter said confidently. China’s great hope to Sepp Blatter’s position after coming out, outside quickly on which three States have the potential to take over South Africa World Cup speculation, United Kingdom, and Australia and the United States are considered to be most likely from South Africa hands took over the 2010 South Africa World Cup country. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to be held this year in China, also have the possibility of taking over. According to the statement, game organization, United Kingdom prevail, but in view of the 2006 World Cup has been held in Europe, FIFA not two-time World Cup will be held on the same continent. While the round has been cancelled, World Cup history only a 1954 Switzerland in 1958 and Sweden is continuous with the sub contractors. Similarly, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, were suffering subprime mortgage crisis the United States is not dominant in the competition. Australia has sufficient conditions for the World Cup, and England, as Australia has officially bid for the 2018 World Cup. Australia to host the games, the Rugby World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and competition experience. However, Australia 16 host stadium of the plan only in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne 3 meet the FIFA standards, another 5 are Rugby and cricket fields, stadium capacity at less than 30,000 remaining, not enough to within 1 year to complete preparations. In contrast, the current Stadium capacity of more than 40,000 people in mainland China have 24, new and renovated since 2004 with 15, no new stadium entirely. Than 3 rivals, China has a very distinct advantage—games. China has proven itself to be excellent contractors worldwide competition, and in recent years to host the Asian Cup, the women’s World Cup, FIFA has also impressed. The Chinese Football Association, this may be the best chance to bring the opportunity.

www.fifainbox.com bodiya his position

In the Olympic history, Spain and Honduras history never had a confrontation. But at the fifa 14 coins for sale adult level, both teams had 2 encounters, 2010 South Africa World Cup group match, Spain with Villa meikaierdu 2-0 victory over Honduras. Haweimadingneisi, Matta have experienced over that game, Matta was a substitute replaced Torres, Martinez failed to debut on the bench. Yiniegemadingneisi red card suspensions, bodiya his position. 4 minute, Spain get downfield free kick on the right, Matta, and ferry haweimadingneisi header, volley Damen after bodiya points higher, but the referee is bodiya into an offside position. The 7th minute Honduras ahead, this song received a cross from the left and Espinosa, 11th, 12-meter header succeeded, 1-0! Honduras made a dream start. After 11 minutes, Cork Figueroa tackle for the foul, which doctors approach in treating 19 minutes, Alba cross from the left was out of trouble, Crisanto straight blast out of 25 metres with the ball. Martinez then easy pull bodiya, and Dominguez on the ground shoveled the ball a bottom line, Honduras from a corner, degea attack single hand hit the ball. On 23 minutes, Peralta shoving Monia because they eat into a yellow card. Alba and Garrido collision latter elbows to the throat Alba 27 minutes, Spain shot tie in restricted frontiers, Isco pass, Adrian left the restricted area small-angle tuishe ball were confiscated by the keeper on the ground. On 29 minutes, Isco passes and Tower 19 m left-foot low shot out. 2 minutes haweimadingneisi the left by halftime after uprooting Espinosa was a yellow card, Honduras 7th Martinez free kick goal directly, degea falls received the ball. On 33 minutes, Honduras 7th Martinez marched with the ball, his shot degea is 37 minutes, Montoya cross from the right, MA 14 metres left foot volley pad shooting slightly out of the left column. The 39 minute, Juan Pablo Montoya on the right defense, vicious kick Espinosa, the referee show basabianwei gets. Article 43 minutes, Gary uprooting Montoya, Spain received a free kick, Mata cross from the right, ball was out of trouble again in the second half, Spain andeeraileila substituted in Cork. Honduras finished shooting in opening soon, Figueroa 35 metres out shoots with my right foot slightly. After 50 minutes, Herrera cross from the left, Figueroa knees the cheapest fifa 14 coins ball broke back the hand holding the ball, Mata, who gestured the goalkeeper pick up the ball, but the referee did not express. 51st minutes Spain dodged, Espinosa received a cross from 10 metres head was made, hit the post!
56th minute Spain missed scoring opportunities, Adrian header beam in crane shot pop up. Honduras made a change adjustments, Mejia replaced Na Haer. On 59 minutes, Gary tackles received yellow card for the foul. On 66 minutes, Monia after middle and blast out of 24 metres. Spain substitutions, Isco Rodrigues replaced. After 68 minutes, Monia blast hit the post at 16 m. Mata later was shot in a row Honduras Defender block 72 minutes, Beck, Herrera, and Rodrigues in the restricted area header, Mendoza, incredible flying the ball-bashing! On 78 minutes, horse zhichuan, Rodrigues single pass was pounced out by goalkeeper, Adrian fill the shot failed, Monia staging question the goalkeeper diving, Honduras 16th lieweilong Monia was pushed to the ground, the referee gets two people. On 82 minutes, Matta, and Rodrigues header hit the crossbar at 5 m! On 85 minutes, blast the ball in his left foot. Rodrigues area within meaning was put pour, referee no blowing penalty, field Shang gunpowder quite thick, Mata because disputed dye yellow Spain (433): 1 degea/12 Montoya, and 13 bodiya, and more than 3 more Mingos, and 6 Alba/4 haweimadingneisi (83′ 16 special slightly), and 11 Cork (46′ 17 Herrera), and 15 Isco (67′ 9 Rodrigues)/10 Mata, and 7 Adrian, and 8 Monia due to

Substitutions: 2 aisibiliguaita 9 Rodrigues, 14 Romeu, 16, and 17, Herrera, 18 Marino

Honduras (451): 1/3 Mendoza Figueroa, 5-beilasikuisi, 16 lieweilong, 2 grams of Santo Peralta, 7 6, a Martinez, 17, 14, Garry, HAL (57′ 8 Mejia), 15 Espinosa (72′ o Peralta 12)/11 the loose (81′ 9 Losano)

Substitutions:, 8 4 Cologne Mejia, 9 Losano, 10, 12 o Peralta, 13 Hernandez Lopez, 18, Reyes

www.easy4fifa.com two-time World Cup

19:30 P.M. June 17, Beijing time, 2010 South Africa World Cup Group b opening match of the Cheap Fifa 14 Coins, Buy fifa Coins For Fifa 14 PS/XBOX – Your Best Choice!easy4fifa.com! second round started, two-time World Cup champion Argentina meets Asia “Tai Chi Tiger” Korea team. 16 minute Korea striker puzhouyong accidentally into the tournament’s second own, Argentina 1-0 lead. 33 minute Argentina again set pieces, Puerto Iguazu for head-butt meritorious in front, 2-0. First half stoppage time Korea team, led by Li Qinglong win the 1 ball, both with a score of 2-1 into the intermission after Argentina 1-0 win in Nigeria, Korea team a two-goal victory over Greece. Compared to the two teams play their first group starting lineup, each with only one substitution adjustments. Maradona played for the Liverpool makexiluodeligesi replaced injured body of Peron, Huh Jong-moo Wu Fanxi substituted a car club to enhance sidewalks after opening defense Argentina soon to Korea’s goal to form a siege situation, after Lionel Messi last steals the ball to Rodriguez, then give the ball to the right side of Gonzalo higuain, which restricted select Damen online small angles, the ball flew out of the bottom line. 10 minute Korea teams get the first yellow card of the game, Lian Jixun down Messi in midfield. 14 minutes to Park JI-Sung feint turns around the corner to the right of the box to open crossing kicked Javier Mascherano, ball area 16 minutes Argentina score! Lionel Messi out of the free kick on the left, accurate placement has resulted in puzhouyong of one own goal, Argentina 1-0 ahead! This is the second own goal of this World Cup. 19 minutes, Korea Cheng Yung to the www.easy4fifa.com team holding the ball a foot from 30 meters powerful vigorously to sink and hit a ball a little high beams! 27 min Korea player Lionel Messi fouled again, Argentina get a 26-meter free kick from 26 meters, Macy ‘s, it left behind on Tevez bow and put one foot shoots with an arrow, ball bears a higher beam goal 33 minutes for Argentina scoring again! Rodriguez is on the right road, inclined to the ball on the penalty spot, and buerdisuo header edge, Puerto Iguazu no marking of the points after head-butt goal, the ball into dead ends, 2-0! Li Qinglong frontcourt uprooting buerdisuo 34 minutes, 40 minutes by gets Argentina again a good opportunity, Puerto Iguazu by road with ball on the right, after a cross from the bottom to the point, Zheng Chenglong attack single hand hold the ball a little, dimaliya open on the left side inside the closed area, after a ball kicked in the chest hot shot! Zheng Chenglong flying the ball-bashing out of the bottom line. 43-minute Lionel Messi staged performances, he takes Tevez pass on the road, beautiful spike around the restricted area arc open Korea 3 Defender, goalkeeper pick chose a foot shot, the ball out of the goal!

First half stoppage time Korea team win 1 goal, Argentina ludemikailisi ball in serious mistakes, Li Qinglong goalkeeper gentle pick network after the ball outside the area, 1-0!

www.easy4fifa.com starting of is laisikete and Crissy

Count on Premier League community shield before the opening, Manchester City has buy cheap fifa 14 coins for xbox already lost 3 games 6-ball, and had just lost 2 balls per game, visible problem is not alone, cannot be explained by occasional attention focused. These three games, Manchester City are taking a four-man defence, but first-but not the same. Community Shield Cup Shang of is Zabaleta, and savage, and Compagni and Kolarov; League first round, starting of is laisikete and Crissy, Kolarov and savage are sat Shang has substitute seats; and this field guest war reds, Defense four people group and transform two people, except Compagni and Zabaleta of location unshakable zhiwai, keluotulei and Kolarov and returned to has starting apparently, Champion level of Defense is does not has so big of rotation intensity of, are because rearguard repeatedly errors, only let Mancini think not changed no. Laisikete this game sitting on the bench, reboot has passed its peak has also been clamouring to leave keluotulei, so that people buy cheap fifa 14 coins for PS3 do not understand choice. Full match large Toure shows heavy, regardless of positive defense turned back to no advantage, first opened the scoring from Martin Skrtel of Liverpool when the latter was roaring like a rocket when a leaping header, side do nothing keluotulei, and air within the closed area, originally it was his duty to the tough defense of last season, also called concrete, why has now become a sieve? Mancini couldn’t explain, can’t give solution only from looking for new blood in the transfer market. In the deepest player with Manchester City rumours, Secretary level defender only Denmark man Daniel Agger, but banned for reds Tetsuei League first round in red, possibility of eventually defected yidihade stadium is not. Now Mancini also in full pursuit Argentina small lion wangkeluoqini, but 15 million of quotes seems to also insufficient to persuaded Newcastle put go themselves of set Poseidon needle League two round war strike, Manchester City has lost 4 ball, such of data, and currently ranked countdown first of Aston Villa as, in throughout League in the ranked 15th bit, only than first round was hit burst of Norwich, and Queens Park Rangers and Southampton, team slightly good. It is true that Manchester City attack with remarkable power, is guaranteed a win, a draw result, had not been behind in the standings. But if defenses continue to loose, and powerful firepower can save several times? Don’t forget, this is just draw with Liverpool not yet formed, relying on just the other side of a return error.

www.fifafed.co.uk currently plot 57 points

Palermo buy fifa 14 coins near 6 round game made 3 WINS 2 flat 1 negative, this season home made 5 WINS 7 flat 5 negative, currently plot 32 points ranked 18, Udinese near 6 round game made 5 WINS 1 flat, this season away made 5 WINS 5 flat 7 negative, currently plot 57 points ranked 6th, both history near 6 times warring Palermo 2 flat 4 negative no WINS performance Palermo fittings on the didn’t can continued Rob points momentum, Udinese recently Lien Chan even Czech. Currently betting company Asia disc positioning both flat/half gap, Palermo race needed relegation, and Udinese also to scores to entered Xia season of Europe Rowe BA League, State Shang Palermo than Udinese, Asia disc can made concessions this on easily, Shang disc water level afternoon also further cut, combines now mainstream Europe lost flat negative upsets items lost pays significantly elevated of trend, this field can watch Palermo full take three points week 3,024 South America liberation who Cup fuluminensai VS aimeilaike 13 05 09 09:00

Fuluminensai near 6 round game made 3 WINS 3 negative, Shang season home made www.fifafed.co.uk 11 WINS 5 flat 3 negative, eventually plot 77 points Brazil methyl ranked 1th, aimeilaike near 6 round game made 3 WINS 2 flat 1 negative, this season away made 4 WINS 1 flat 1 negative, currently plot 32 points Ernie melon methyl ranked 1th, both first round warring fuluminensai away cherish defeated fuluminensai recently suffered even defeated, aimeilaike recently results stable. Bookmakers currently Asia located both a ball gap aimeilaike fuluminensai power, but under status than those of rivals, strong deep dish still has a certain amount of pressure. Europe pay now that the mainstream companies win pay slightly higher negative fall in too little, more precipitation is the symbol of shunt, this field should be supported fuluminensai reverse the rebound. (Lottery 2 Network Analyst: the Red Baron)

www.easy4fifa.com In the other matches of the day matches

In 1938, the Brazil and Czechoslovakia buy fifa 14 coins at the France World Cup had engaged in a hand-to-hand combat, two fractures of the Czechoslovak player, a total of 3 players are out, Brazil 2, it is said that if the current fine-scale, this game probably does not. Eventually both teams within 120 minutes into 1:1 square, 2 days later in the rematch, Brazil 2:1 tough to win, thus entered the semifinals, but has since been defending champion Italy defeated. In the other matches of the day matches: France 1:3, beaten by Italy, Hungary 2:0 and Switzerland, Sweden 8:0 won Cuba Brazil football was weakest, and won a victory before the World Cup, also dates back to 1930 and the Bolivia match. This game in the, they opener with Poland team hit has one incredible of game: both in 90 minutes within hit into 4:4, eventually through overtime game Brazil team 6:5 WINS 1977, England and Argentina in friendlies in the hit into 1:1 flat, both red card number is 1:11,984 years, now Blackburn of coach Suo Neisi (then is Liverpool and Scotland national team of celebrity) to 650,000 pounds of price transfer Italy Sampdoria. Title head pictured wearing a Sampdoria uniform Suo Neisi in 1992, world champions Germany in a European Championship group stage opener 1:1 CIS BIHE. Vogts led Germany lost a penalty shoot-out in the 64th minute, the game is coming to an end, they faced defeat doom, access to restricted areas at this time cutting edge direct free kick. Klinsmann stood upon the CIS player drain line on the far right, turns out to be a crucial step: Hasler medial right foot hit a big arc, Klinsmann fierce a bow around the scoring gate on the ball off his head. The match Germany lost to replace injured captain Matthaeus as the u (Germany coach) broken arm in a face-off in 1997, the Suriname-born Netherlands player hasaierbayinke from Portugal Boa Vista a move to Leeds United, the value is 2,001,998, France at the World Cup, hosted by cheap fifa coins 3:0 defeated South Africa. Other games on the day results: Paraguay 0:0 Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia 0:1 defeat against Denmark in 1998, 4 years ago, Maradona shot at journalists convicted of seriously studying, working sense,

On June 13, 1956, the United Kingdom withdrew from the Suez Canal zone the last batch of troops. The Suez Canal in Egypt within 175 km in length, recapped three continents Europe, Asia and Africa transport routes, between the Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Eastern Mediterranean and the India Ocean link. The Suez Canal is one of the busiest Canal, seaborne cargo route between Europe and Asia continents 80%, vessels have been adopted more than 20,000 ships per year, Egypt leads to more than 2 billion dollars in revenue. Suez Canal in 1859 by French investment

www.fifafed.co.uk group match played such teams

A: Brazil Croatia cheap fut coins Mexico Cameroon

Brazil Cameroon
Host opponent looks not bad, but Brazil group match played such teams have always been fine, fighting or the local community, the only negative is the race, first touch the strongest opponent, you can’t miss it. One quota left feel Mexico most don’t stand a chance, Croatia and Cameroon, Cameroon I vote.

B: Spain Netherlands Chile Australia
Spain Netherlands
CCTV said Netherlands how this group Netherlands out of line that also talk about what WINS, Netherlands should strive to win. Kangaroos can sweeten will not qualify Chile does not understand, is to support Europe’s final two.

C: Colombia Greece Côte d ‘ Ivoire, Japan
Colombia Japan
One of two meal group, Japan, and Korea have wheels, AFC PR? Food group is too difficult to predict, given to Greece in the group stage of Europe had played a good game, but the final phase is basically the sauce, excluded, the remaining three abandoned Ivory Coast, supporting little Japan.

D: Uruguay Costa Rica England Italy
Italy England
In fact, this set of dishes, Uruguay is a bully Jordan, actually can be seeded, Costa Rica must be the weakest team, continue to support the European team.

E: Switzerland Ecuador France Honduras
France Ecuador
I feel like it’s almost worst fifa coin trader in a set, the weakest of the seeded, the smallest in North America and even big-name France’s strength now, it may not be strong enough to Belgium, and Russia, and Colombia, but bullying opponents of these groups should be no problem, Switzerland feels a chance, supported the South American team.

F: Argentina Bosnia-Iran, Nigeria
Argentina Nigeria
Argentina could be considered a knockout. Three Bosnian left is a rookie, Iran have a chance, however appears to have a better chance of Nigeria.

G: Germany Portugal Ghana, United States
Germany United States
Appears to be strongest, a set, but Germany beat second-group stage opponents never ambiguous, think of when Italy is such a group as world champions. Portugal Ronaldo, Bull, does not look good.

H: Belgium Algeria Russia Korea
Belgium Russia
And e groups over who is more dish, Belgium had many years to play the World Cup, Algeria did last century 80 ‘s played? Korea to sign, but they still think they kick, but the European team, when the World Cup in Japan and South Korea as Japan group opponents Belgium, and Russia, but he is the host.

Ecuador qualifying play well because there are home
If China is not afraid of losing face training arena on a group of Tibetans in Amdo I think China can advance into the World Cup finals
Switzerland is not weak as an eight seed is probably the weakest in the Group’s strength now, at least not worse than France

www.easy4fifa.com perennial football movement provides

Immigrants Brazil has teenage fifa ultimate coins a year, resident Brazil of days, deep feel to Brazil football Kingdom of football heritage of lucrative, also deep to feel to five star Brazil why long dominate world football of is located, universal football is Brazil football built of source South America Brazil climate, winter no cold, summer no heat, for perennial football movement provides has unique of natural environment, year-round trees shady, grass green, universal Brazil can perennial Gallop pitch Shang exercise playing, training growth. Brazil city inside, each a closed of community or is building will has basketball field and football share of venues supporting, this on to live in here of children were has has a kick football of places, not out community and security, children and parents were so why not does Brazil to Samba and known world, and Brazil samba of essence is warm, and open, and hot, and impromptu, and richly, and these Samba of features just meet football athletic by needs of flexible, and mobile, changing of game changes and features, Which is a form of improvisational ability. So at performance of Brazil people put Samba organic to combines Yu football movement, natural unity to rendering has Samba features of football talent full Brazil what has how many support football team, full Brazil what has how many people perennial engaged in football movement and exercise, full Brazil what has how many a football, full Brazil what has how many a club, I wanted to this is a hard statistics and hard answered of problem full Brazil has three a level of national career Football League, each level has 20 support team, Sao Paulo State has four levels of Professional Football League, these are the professional football leagues, the amateur, youth teams and leagues, it is very difficult to research. Also has friendlies, also has the company love football of people by for of amateur football game, also has indoor Football League and beach football game, these love football of people, historal every day, are in deductive with Brazil football of gorgeous sky believes resident Brazil of overseas Chinese were, are see had such of scene, Sao Paulo around and flat poor of area, road Shang, land Shang, grass Shang, group group of children were in Chase with football, winner laughter, loser burst into tears. Poor day for football and fifa coins trader much joy. Many of Brazil’s players, are both out of the slum, wealth and fame because of football, which would undoubtedly change the fate of the poor child is a shortcut way of football has been integrated into in Brazil human blood, is an integral part of life and life. A dozen years living in Brazil know Brazil who have never seen a Brazil team that people do not have their own love, speaking of football seemed to be the head coach, seemed to be a soccer expert, such an atmosphere and an environment, how can not influence the direction that the interests of children are! Brazil firecracker sound, not greeting the new year must be a football game goal celebrations, this is Brazil, which is Brazil’s 2014 World Cup of soccer in Brazil, which undoubtedly is the Brazil of the game football is a bigger role in promoting development, the World Cup back to Brazil of the game … … We look forward to more gorgeous dancing Samba at the World Cup in 2014.

www.fifafed.co.uk this team needs a good rest

From Spain’s first World Cup finals less fifa 14 coins xbox than 24 hours left. This night, the entire Iberian Peninsula is destined to sleep. But tomorrow’s stars must have a good sleep-”we now have a strong game, but right now, this team needs a good rest, to ensure absolutely prepared for this historic moment tomorrow – of course, this” dream into reality “moments, not everyone is able to maintain the same kind of calm. Team captain Iker Casillas has made no secret of his intense and expectations: “since childhood, I’ve just to win championships have dreams, World Cup, of course, is no exception. At such an important moment, I felt very, very nervous. “He committed that team apart from the victory won’t leave any leeway:” there is only one thought–to win, we will not take into account in their mind other than win a chance because I or the rest of the team and even the whole country behind us will not be satisfied with merely enter the contest, we hope to be able to step forward. Of course, we also know that anything can happen on a football field, an accident, they could change the result. But I believe that if we take out the best side, together, then we have the right to dream of World Cup champion. “Whether you yourself are likely to become Spain’s history, led the first team captain of the Cup, Cassie was very short:” as the Spain captain was cheap fifa 14 coins a point of pride. I certainly hope to be able to lead the team Cup, but perhaps now is not the time to consider these, right now I’m thinking more in terms of the how to win tomorrow’s game. ”

Semi-final Germany vindicated and Netherlands play, how to play, Spain clearly has more spectrum. David Villa admitted that he would like to see Germany happening again when: “with Germany playing time, they also want to be able to control the ball, and produced their own call, but we didn’t give them a chance, because we rarely threw the ball, even after dropping the ball to quickly reverse back. Our own efforts to let your opponent is in trouble. Tomorrow, the Netherlands also will be attacking, I hope this game will have in common – and the semi-final teams able to maintain possession of the ball and not have Netherlands easily get back. I believe that if we have the advantages of ball control, will have a bigger win. “He also pointed out that his strike partner who was on” not critical “:” I was proud to can play with any team, whether it is my partner Torres or Pedro-all of them I’ve had a lot of help, any team players dream of owning them. Who’ll be able to start, it’s the coach’s decision. ”